By Shannan Fields

Advertising and Research Manager

An MBA or a MS with a concentration in Organizational Leadership? Here’s how to decide which one fits you. 

As you elevate in your career, you may wonder which degree will prepare you to become a leader in an organization. Perhaps you considered earning an MBA or a master’s in organizational leadership. Though they both assist students in acquiring the tools they need to lead and manage, there are distinct differences between the two. 

Master of Business Association (MBA)

The MBA at Springfield College is quantitative and prepares you for leadership and managerial roles within organizations. You delve into the functionality of an organization. While there is a class available on leadership, the courses are focused on the broad functions that can be applied to any business, like marketing, finance, law and ethics, and economics.

Organizational Leadership (Master of Science in Human Services)

Organizational Leadership (OL) is more qualitative and allows for a more exploratory view of leadership. You will reflect and evaluate your skills to create high performing organizations. Janine Spinola Taylor, EdD, assistant professor in the organizational leadership program, explains more:

“A Master of Science in human service with a concentration in organizational leadership provides an understanding of the many diverse aspects of leadership and how one can lead in an evolving business environment.  Yet, OL incorporates social justice and is interdisciplinary in its design. Therefore, it can serve students enrolled and/or who have an interest in business management, social work and education, advocacy, and human services, to name a few.”

Both programs apply theory and practice. The MBA allows you to apply your knowledge through internships at various organizations. Organizational leadership allows you to work with varied organizations to identify and address actual issues through a capstone research project. 

Plus, both programs can be completed within a year. End of article