By Damon Markiewicz

Springfield College East Campus continues to provide memorable experiences for students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the College. A pair of East Campus leaders took some time to recap what makes East Campus so special to them.

Lauren Hough
Class of 2023
Communications Sciences and Disorders

One of the first places I ever visited at Springfield College was East Campus. I attended pre-camp orientation at the start of my first-year on campus, which inspired me to become a pre-camp leader over the next three years.

East Campus is such a special place, it provides such a calming environment for programs that have helped me grow as a leader. My experiences at East Campus have assisted me in finding out what type of a leader I want to be. Working as a leader at Camp Massasoit, taking part in the Leadership Training Conference, all of these experiences have developed my leadership skills.

In addition, East Campus is special to me because I can visit and find a relaxing place to do homework, and enjoy the beauty of the campus. When you step on East Campus, it truly feels like a breath of fresh air, and the space allows me to have a place to go and enjoy a relaxing walk and listen to music. I have also enjoyed taking cross-country skiing and snow shoeing classes there, I have just enjoyed all of my experiences at East Campus.

East Campus is a big part of what makes Springfield College so special. East Campus has impacted me in such a positive way as a student, and I always plan on supporting and giving back to East Campus.

I think I will always feel connected to East Campus because my experiences there have truly made my Springfield College experience so special.

Kevin Giulini
Class of 2024
Criminal Justice

I will always support East Campus because East Campus has always supported me as a student. The orientation programs and outdoor learning experiences I have enjoyed have helped me develop as a student and as a person.

East Campus truly feels like home to me. Starting with my first-year on campus, the memories I have taken with me following programs like Pre-Camp and Outdoor Pursuits will last a lifetime. Programs I have experienced at East Campus have allowed me to develop some of the best friendships I could ever imagine. The lessons I have learned at East Campus have helped me grow into the person I am today.

East Campus is really a calming place for me. Anytime I visit East Campus, it allows me to feel grounded. Whether it’s visiting alone, or bringing along a group of friends, the space always provides me with so much happiness.

Being able to take advantage of the many outdoor learning opportunities East Campus provides, such as canoeing, disc golf, mountain biking, or taking advantage of the ropes challenge courses, these are all great examples of experiences East Campus provides that you just don’t have at other institutions.

When you visit East Campus, you will always get something out of it, whether it’s visiting on your own or being part of a group or class.

I will always highly recommend supporting and visiting East Campus. I have found there is always a positive energy provided to me when visiting East Campus. It’s a place that is special to me and has only made my time at Springfield College that much more memorable.