By Jane Johnson Vottero

Dr. Kathy Mangano, professor of physical education and the Distinguished Springfield Professor of Humanics for 2022-23, will continue the tradition of preserving our Humanics philosophy and examining its implications by exploring Title IX on the 50th anniversary of its June 23, 2022, passage. Through her project, Title IX at 50: Educate & Advocate, she will focus on educating our community about, and promoting advocacy among our students and faculty for, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the important civil rights law that provides access and equality in education to all. 

“In celebration of this significant anniversary,” said Mangano, “it’s important to understand how far we have come and how far we still must go to secure and strengthen this important civil right. An important element of our Humanics philosophy is action!  This is Humanics in action to ensure equal opportunity and access in education,” she said.

Throughout the year, on the ninth of each month from September to April, she will post video interviews conducted with Title IX experts, historians, researchers, sexual assault victim, students, coaches, athletic directors, and a Title IX coordinator. 

Further information and event details will be shared on social media (@SCTitleIX on FB and IG) and the Celebrating Opportunities at Springfield College: Title IX at 50 webpage ( 

Mangano will work with student journalists to include current features and historical content on page nine of every edition of The Springfield Student newspaper; create a reading trail with lawn signs placed throughout campus highlighting Title IX information; and golf cart rides, similar to “Cash Cab,” where she will give students rides to class while asking questions about Title IX and awarding prizes for correct answers.

Learn more about the Distinguished Professor’s project, and about our Sept. 30 Title IX: Trail Blazers Panel and  our Oct. 1 Title IX: The Power of 37 Words event, both to be held on the campus.