By Damon Markiewicz

Springfield College graduated its third cohort of students from Pride Cares on Monday, March 6. These 27 students joined the more than 50 students carrying the green Pride Cares tag on their backpacks identifying them as a resource to their fellow students. 

Pride Cares student volunteers participate in six hours of training to equip them with information to better understand mental health, recognize warning signs, and learn how to connect with their peers in need of assistance. While the Pride Cares student leaders will not offer any kind of mental health counseling or make a diagnosis, they will engage in a conversation and possibly serve as a bridge to other support options.

If you’re a student who is concerned about a friend, or who simply wants to talk with another student, reach out to any of the students with the green Pride Cares tag on their bag!If you are interested in learning more about Pride Cares, or joining a future training, please contact If you’re a faculty member and would like to learn more about supporting your students’ mental health inside the classroom, please contact our faculty representative, Adam Feit, at