By Jane Vottero

Photo Gallery from 2022 Humanics Lecture.

Keith Bugbee, G’84, the Distinguished Springfield Professor of Humanics for 2021-22 and men’s head lacrosse coach, presented the annual Humanics Lecture Tuesday, April 19, 2022, in the Fuller Arts Center on the campus of Springfield College. Bugbee presented, “Show Up,” which gave voice to the philosophy that he and his family, players, and alumni live every day.

In 2018, Bugbee, his wife, Jane, and their family lost their daughter, Lindsay Bugbee Crosby ’08, when she died from Group A strep and sepsis following the birth of her third child. In addition to being the daughter of Keith and Jane, Lindsay was the sister of Jenna ’12 and Dave, wife of Evan, and mother to Findlay, Sigrid, and Nolan.

“Show Up” is a phrase that is often attributed to the men’s lacrosse program that Bugbee has coached for nearly four decades, and also, according to Bugbee, represents how the Springfield College family supported the Bugbee family during this time.

In his Humanics lecture, Bugbee talked about what it means to show up for others and what it looks like when others show up for you. As a coach, Bugbee said, it’s a message that was part of his program: Show up. Give your best. All the time.

That message took on new meaning when, in 2019, there was an event held on Stagg Field to retire Lindsay’s soccer and lacrosse jerseys. As Bugbee addressed the women’s soccer and lacrosse teams, he realized the message was about Lindsay and her ability to “show up” for everything she did. He wanted people to emulate that.

In fall 2021, Bugbee launched his Distinguished Professorship by hosting Show Up Week in October, during which he and alumnus Jim Warnock ’01, a former captain and All-American on the lacrosse team, expressed what it means to them to “show up.” Warnock teaches physical education, health, and adapted physical education at South Windsor (Conn.) High School, and who lives our Humanics philosophy  every day. “He did not check it at the door when he graduated,” said Bugbee.

Following the lecture, physical education Professor Kathy Mangano ’86, G’88, EdD, was announced as the 2022-23 Distinguished Springfield Professor of Humanics. Watch for more about her project in the August 2022 Triangle Monthly.


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President Mary-Beth Cooper’s Introduction to the 2022 Humanics Lecture

Two Words

Show up. Simple, yet so powerful.

As I thought about my remarks for this evening, I wanted to be brief. The message “show up” taught me that.

It reminded me of the other brief messages that have powerful impact.

ALL in. Softball’s mantra.

I’m sorry. A phrase that we could say far more than we do.

Pride Cares. A wonderful group of students that spent considerable hours in training to be there for other students.    

Love you. The last phrase I say whenever I finish a call with a loved one.

I do. Another powerful two words that really is a promise.

And, finally, another two words, powerful to be sure. Keith Bugbee.