By Damon Markiewicz

One of Springfield College’s timeless traditions is Pre-Camp, a student-run program for first-year Springfield College students, designed to help them get a head start on transitioning into their college experiences. What assists Pre-Camp in allowing first-year students to feel comfortable on Alden Street is the peaceful and tranquility setting of East Campus.

Watch video of Pre-Camp leaders talking about the special setting at East Campus.

“We always say East Campus heals all, and as soon as step onto East Campus, you feel a calm, accepting energy, where individuals can feel they can be their true self,” said Springfield College Pre-Camp leader and Class of 2023 English and Elementary Special Education major Maura Flaherty. “We are very lucky at Springfield College to have a setting like East Campus, a space that allows us all to be together as students and feel comfortable in sharing our experiences.”

Pre-Camp’s main goal is to assist first-year students in making friends, gain a perspective on the college experience, and help students gain a sense of confidence as they begin this new stage of their lives.

“One of my greatest moments at Springfield College was when I first stepped on East Campus as a first-year, and how comfortable I felt because I love the outdoors. The setting of Pre-Camp allowed me to feel like I was at home,” said Springfield College
Pre-Camp leader and Class of 2023 Physical Therapy major Adam Riley. “East Campus allows a comfortable space where individuals can take that step to learn, take that step to grow. I remember feeling that way when I attended Pre-Camp, and we brought that focus as leaders as well. The setting of East Campus allows students to challenge themselves in a comfortable space.”

During four days and three nights at East Campus, Pre-Camp participants take part in multiple sessions that allow students the opportunity to embrace the challenges of leaving home for the very first time. Pre-Camp participants can relate with student-leaders in a unique and fun environment that encourages reflection and acceptance.

“We are fortunate to have East Campus, a space on campus that allows for individuals to navigate through their academic coursework and relationships with others, and do it in a setting that is very comfortable,” added Flaherty. “That’s why I always tell people to experience East Campus, because it’s a setting like no other they will experience.”