By Damon Markiewicz

Springfield College Sport Management major Cameron Borges, Class of 2023, continues to emerge as a strong student leader on the campus. A student-athlete who is a captain on the Springfield College football team, Borges also is an active member of the Student Athlete Leadership Team (S.A.L.T.), and the Student Government Association (S.G.A.).

Borges has also been involved in the student-led Minds in Motion and Pride Cares programs, initiatives on campus that encourage peer to peer student support in the area of mental health awareness and support.

“What I love about Springfield College is our commitment to living our Humanics philosophy and making sure we are supporting and caring for each other,” said Borges. “I pride myself in being a leader on campus that can connect with all individuals, and being someone who is always willing to give back to our campus community.”

Through his many experiences at Springfield College, Borges has been able to go from a shy, first-year student, and blossom into the very best version of himself.

“I am so appreciative of all the support we receive at Springfield because it allows students like myself to grow and develop into who we want to be,” added Borges.