By Damon Markiewicz

Seven Massachusetts high schools were represented at the most recent Youth in Motion.

Springfield College alumni working as high school physical education and health education teachers, along with graduates serving as school counselors, returned to
East Campus on Friday, Oct. 28, to lead selected high school students through leadership skill development and career exploration as part of the annual Youth in Motion program.

The day is hosted by the Springfield College School of Physical Education, Performance and Sport Leadership, the Office of Alumni Relations, and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

As part of the Youth in Motion program, high school students visit the campus twice a year, once in the fall at East Campus, and again in the spring on the main campus. The fall event leads attendees through leadership skill development workshops, while also giving the students a chance to learn about careers related to health, physical activity, and sport. In addition, alumni attending take part in professional development sessions.

Since the program’s inception eight years ago, more than 30 students have enrolled at Springfield College as a result of attending the Youth in Motion program.

“The Youth in Motion program has a myriad of benefits for not only the students, but also the faculty attending,” said Agawam High School Head Track and Field Coach and Physical Education Teacher Daniel Pryce G’09. “First, the East Campus setting allows the students to focus on the activities and the best options available with very little distractions available. Secondly, the East Campus setting enables spatial awareness without limiting the students. Finally, the setting is unfamiliar to most students so their expectations for success are held in check until they use their physical and mental gifts in a team setting approach. This program is wonderful for faculty, as discussions with peers help grow knowledge in many areas for better teaching and mentoring. As an alumni of Springfield College, I am proud of the way the program is presented and how the students are given a chance to talk to current faculty about the pathways that Springfield College has to offer.”

Organized by Springfield College Physical Education and Health Education Department Chair Michelle Moosbrugger and Assistant Professor of Physical Education Steven Groccia, seven Massachusetts high schools were represented at the most recent Youth in Motion.

“I think the Youth in Motion program gives students an opportunity to work in a team setting, as well as work on their communication and professionalism skills while being active,” said Cameron Rivest ’19, physical education teacher at William J. Dean Technical High School. “It also gives students the knowledge that there are career paths they maybe interested in pursuing just down the road at an incredible school like Springfield College.”